7 Ways Swing Gates Promote a Safer Work Environment

7 Ways Swing Gates Promote a Safer Work Environment

7 Ways Swing Gates Promote a Safer Work Environment

How does your work place benefit from the installation of swing Gates? See how they enhance safety for not only your workers, but the environment as a whole.

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Safety precautions make an important investment in every business, but in industrial situations, it’s absolutely crucial. This is why safety swing gates are so helpful.

These industrial safety gates are easy to implement and make an effective passive safety measure against falling. This can solve many problems in a wide range of commercial and industrial settings.

Installing a swing gate for any falling hazard at your workplace will help your business avoid accidents. It can keep workers, equipment, and materials safe from harm while protecting you against losses, regulatory fines, and lawsuits.

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It can also boost productivity.

Here are seven ways you can use swing gates to create a safer workplace.

1. Swing Gates Protect Your Walk Areas

When it comes to making walking areas safe throughout your site, safety gates are the perfect solution. Typical modern industrial buildings are busy places full of workers who are in a hurry most of the time.

Between all the machinery, workers, and forklifts swarming the location, accidents tend to be inevitable. Most often in open paths shared between pedestrians and transport vehicles, and corners or intersections with poor visibility.

Workers should always be able to get from any part of the facility to another without struggle or danger. The right use of gates can create a specific walking path designated for walking workers.

Keeping the walkway protected and separate from machinery and forklift paths can eliminate many problems caused by a vulnerability.

This way you can reduce worker injuries and damage to materials or machinery.

2. Making Rooftops Safe

Rooftops are often dangerous places to work. It’s a common site of workplace injuries and deaths.

It’s in your best interest to make sure that workers can complete their tasks on the roof without any major risk.

You can solve this problem with industrial swing gates. It’s an ideal solution to the risk of accidents on factory rooftops.

It’s wise to install a swing gate on every rooftop entrance. There are two reasons for this:

  1. They can serve as an extra measure of fall protection for workers when they enter and exit the building.
  2. Authorized staff can have more peace of mind knowing that they can focus more on work. They can give it their full attention and not have to worry about the risk of falling to the ground.

In general, a swing gate is a great way to keep workers where they’re supposed to be. And it also helps remind them of restricted areas.

3. Secure Stairs and Ladder Openings

Industrial workplace settings often feature a lot of ladders and crude staircases. While these help with efficiency and safety in general, they also come with their own sets of risks.

The last thing you want is someone falling off an overhead walkway or other raised area with a ladder opening.

Industrial safety gates can make a perfect safety measure to prevent these accidents. Consider getting a swing gate for every ladder opening or unsafe staircase at your location.

Ladders which aren’t in use will remain safe instead of posing an unnecessary hazard.

Fitting your ladder openings with swing gates will add the extra protective measure your workers need.

4. Guard Your Assets

Another big reason for businesses to invest in safety gates is it’s a means of protecting your property.

Heavy machinery and industrial equipment are far from cheap. Accidents that cause critical damage to these assets can seal the fate of a factory. Or an entire company, in a worst-case scenario.

At the very least, recovering from accidents will be a huge investment. You should take all steps within your might to keep all equipment safe.

Industrial swing gates can serve to protect and prevent access to these invaluable assets.

This doesn’t only reduce the risk of damage. It also serves to minimize any risk of theft or unauthorized usage. A swing gate will also make sure that workers don’t get hurt by getting too close to a dangerous machine.

5. Add Protection to Industrial Elevators

Safety gates are a must-have for heavy-duty industrial elevators. The ones found in factories and warehouses are very different from typical consumer elevators.

The biggest difference may be the level of safety.

Riding an open-air elevator or an elevator without walls can be very dangerous. Especially if there’s an opening without a proper gate or door.

Because of this, installing safety gates to provide that missing piece of safety should be in your best interest.

This will remove most risks of workers or equipment falling off elevators and getting injured or damaged.

6. Remind Workers to Mind their Safety

Installing swing gates to make your location safer will send a message that you take workplace safety seriously. Workers will notice this and, in turn, pay more attention to safety.

It’s wise to make safety a top priority at your location. It keeps employees healthy, happy, and able to work hard.

Ensuring that your workers pay close attention to your safety standards and procedures will reduce many risks. More mindful work and attention to proper safety will help avoid damage to equipment and material caused by negligent workers.

7. Provide More Protection against Fall-related Problems

Damage to materials is one thing, workers falling from dangerous heights is another. It’s the last thing you want to happen at your location.

Falling from a height in a factory or warehouse is a common cause of serious injury and even death. A tragedy like this will have many unforeseen effects on your workplace.

First, there is the impact on your workforce. A valuable worker may be unable to work for months after a bad fall. In worse cases, they may never come back due to disability or death.

Your remaining workforce will also be affected. Their morale will drop and they may not work as hard for some time.

There’s also the insurances and potential lawsuits you will have to deal with. This can get very expensive too.

Depending on how you handle the situation, you may also be at odds with the union and the media.

There’s also the OSHA compliance to keep in mind. Properly securing your workplace will place it within OSHA compliance. This will benefit your company and make long-term success more likely. It also gives a better impression.

All of these problems make it clear that eliminating any and all fall risks is of utmost importance.

Industrial swing gates can eliminate this risk. This will allow both you, your employees, and your superiors more peace of mind. With safety gates in place, your workers can avoid many terrible accidents related to falling.

Final Thoughts on Swing Gates and Safety

Industrial safety gates provide the solution you need for your business to keep workers and assets secure.

Set aside the time and money to implement quality swing gates and your enterprise can concentrate on productivity without worrying about safety.

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