Conveyor Crossover-custom color engineering drawings

Automotive Plant Custom Conveyor Crossovers

The Challenge – Create an OSHA compliant custom convery crossover in an area with a low ceiling. The client didn’t want heavy steel, on site welding and required all parts to be powder coated with a custom color theme. 

ErectaStep, a brand known for top quality industrial stairs, work platforms, ladders, recently designed and built a custom conveyor crossover system for one of the world’s most innovative  automobile manufacturer’s factories. The manufacturer needed a unique industrial solution to crossover a conveyor, but required it to meet unique specifications, while providing OSHA compliance and ultimately to aid in productivity. They needed a quality solution with a high-aesthetic value, one that would be entirely powder coated and match their organization’s colors. The restricted environment in which the conveyor crossover system was being installed had a lowered ceiling and other challenges. ErectaStep was called upon to create a solution that would meet the needs of the environment, the manufacturer, and maintain OSHA compliance. Because of the lowered ceiling, a standard 6 inch thick platform would cut it too close for most workers to properly do their job safely. ErectaStep could provide a cost effective solution while meeting all requirements and needs.

Conveyor Crossover Custom Color

An additional restriction was that they wanted lightweight materials and not heavy steel. Additionally it had to be assembled on-site without welding, and ErectaStep’s modular lightweight aluminum components, and bolt-together design became the perfect solution! We eliminated the need for custom fabrication and the weeks of estimates, drawings, edits and installation time typical to custom fabrication solutions. The ErectaStep system gave them the ability to have pre-fabricated components created in advance to prevent any factory downtime during assembly and installation.

Along with some customized components, ErectaStep’s lightweight aluminum components, and modular, bolt-together design was the perfect solution!

ErectaStep provided a solution that utilized platforms that were 3 inches less than the standard size, but were as sturdy as the 6 inch variety and stayed within compliance. Along with the custom platform height the automobile manufacturer also wanted color specific powder coating of the entire crossover stairs, platform and handrails. Each crossover included handrails , stair stringers, work platform, and stair treads . We also added non-slip tape on the stair treads and leading edges based on a preference of the organization. To ensure safety, stability and no impact on productivity the ErectaStep platform system was anchored using an “L-bracket” and single handrail sections that were used to span across the platform and stairs.

The vehicle manufacturer is very pleased with the system and believes that it was the right choice for the specific situation.

Custom Conveyor Crossovers in the plant
Custom Conveyor Crossovers in the plant, being QC’d and getting ready to ship