A better than scaffolding solution. An Elevated Work Platform.

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Custom Elevated Work Platform With Stairs and Guard Rails

This installation photo shows one of the best uses of an ErectaStep Modular Platform system. An ErectaStep system is better than scaffolding. This rooftop HVAC suite needs to be accessed frequently, and the installed ErectaStep work platform provides safe, reliable OSHA compliant access for workers and their equipment.

There are other ways to get to that HVAC suite, but the ErectaStep system makes the most sense.

A building manager could rent scaffolding for scheduled maintenance. Or they can drag a ladder out for those times when immediate access is required, but these two solutions fall short when it comes to time, money, and safety. Scaffolding for scheduled routine maintenance is expensive, time-consuming, and very temporary. A ladder or ladder scaffolding is shaky, temporary, and possibly not OSHA compliant.

Better than Scaffolding or a ladder, An ErectaStep system has it all covered for your workforce

The ErectaStep system is the result of superior engineering, thousands of hours of collective field testing (Every Single Day), and high-quality made in the U.S.A materials. An ErectaStep system like this one is put together by combining just five components.

The Platform – The Platform is a generous square yard of solid industrial-grade metal that has permanent “no-slip” capabilities built right into it. The ErectaStep platforms are manufactured, inspected, and shipped directly from a factory in the U.S.A. Platforms are bolted together in any configuration to build around your workspace. This versatility creates a platform that fits, looks good, and can grow with your company.
The Tower Supports – The tower supports are unwavering industrial aluminum. Towers get bolted securely to the deck and the platform creating a stable, rigid platform that your workers can rely on. The easy installation towers, the and mix and match capability of all the components make ErectaStep a winner for your company.
The Industrial Stairs – Our users love these stairs. Nothing creates “step up – step down” confidence like solid industrial grade stairs that meet all the requirements that OSHA demands of stairs. These non-slip metal stairs are broad, deep, and they firmly handle a lot of weight. ErectaStep knows that workers wear heavy tool belts, carry more tools, and maybe a lunch box. These industrial metal stairs can handle it.
The Fall Protection Handrails and Guardrails – If there was ever a place for the reliability that solid metal provides it is on top of any elevated work spot. Look at the stair handrails in this photo. The “no shortcut” rails are bolted to the stairs and are made from heavy industrial aluminum. Workers pull on them, lean on them balance themselves, and most of all, rely on them as they go up and down the staircase. The difference can be felt. The fall protection guardrails and handrails are a vibrant ANSII safety yellow that will stay bright for years. Powdercoating adds scratch resistance and will protect the rails from any element.
The Ladders- When space is too tight for a set of metal safety stairs, then an ErectaStep industrial ladder fits into the modular system just fine. The solid metal, fixed bolting, and secure handrails are all done with a powder-coated ANSII “no shortcut” yellow finish. The generous rungs come with OSHA compliance for length and weight-bearing ability. The fixed ladders are firmly in place, and a person feels confident when they go up to the platform.
YellowGates – YellowGates or swing gates can install on any ErectaStep system for an added layer of fall protection. If your platform or state of the art mezzanine needs a loading area from the top, then a safety gate is a great addition. The solid metal safety gates are very easy to install, and they are also powder-coated in ANSII Yellow to provide vibrancy and scratch resistance.

You Can Get The Safety Peace Of Mind That Quality Engineering Provides

Think of the places in your plant or work area that can benefit from the additional safety and reliability that an ErectaStep platform offers. If you are still dragging out ladders or renting scaffolding, ErectaStep can provide a better, more reliable solution that is OSHA compliant. Calling ErectaStep is the first step toward figuring out what kind of system can best serve your company. We can guide you through design and installation, and we are ready to help you today. Call ErectaStep today.

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