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Mezzanines on the Rise

Mezzanines and other elevated work spaces are a cost-effective method of rapidly expanding usable space by ‘building up’ instead of ‘building out.’ And including a variety of access points to the mezzanine can further improve efficiency for operations, workers, and equipment. While adding a mezzanine has several benefits, it comes with the added responsibility of maintaining a safe workplace through the use of fall protection. Installing a mezzanine safety gate is one of the more popular and versatile solutions.

Fall Protection with a Mezzanine Safety Gate

Aside from roadway incidents, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that falls to a lower level are the leading cause of workplace fatalities. OSHA’s general industry standards surrounding the use of a mezzanine safety gate are covered in Walking-Working Surfaces, standards 1910.28 and 1910.29. Among those, employers must protect from:

  • Unprotected sides and edges
  • Runways and similar elevated walkways
  • Falling into or onto dangerous equipment 
  • Openings

YellowGate’s XL mezzanine safety gate provides OSHA-compliant fall protection for mezzanines, walkways, elevated storage areas, and more.

Benefits of the YellowGate XL mezzanine safety gate

  • Workforce Protection – Our mezzanine safety gate helps keep your team safe in multi-level environments.
  • Superior Adjustability – Easily adjusts from 6′ to 12′ wide to fit any opening.
  • One-handed Operation – Counterbalanced design makes it easy for one person to life the gate smoothly with just one hand.
  • Maintenance Free – Our patented Malbec Tensioner eliminates the most common point of failure on a gate: the spring.
  • Built To Last – The durable mezzanine safety gate is made of heavy-gauge steel with a powder coat safety yellow finish.

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