Food Processing Work Platform

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Food Processing Work Platforms

Food Grade Platforms and Mezzanine Systems from PerfectaStep are easy to design and install. They can be used to transform unused space instantly into safe work environments by taking advantage of vertical space.

PerfectaStep’s custom platform systems are ideal for food production lines, food processing equipment, and food packaging lines. We have taken into consideration all the required elements of being a Food Grade System.

The custom-designed modular platforms bolt together in any configuration needed. A system can be configured to reach any height or length and to fit any size or shape of food processing equipment.

Mezzanine systems are designed to allow your employees to work with any size piece of processing equipment safely and at any level that is required.

PerfectaStep systems are built to provide plant workers with the best OSHA compliant fall protection. Each component of our PerfectaStep modular system uses industrial-grade handrails and guardrails that securely bolt to the platforms. Together the rails and platforms provide a very stable, safe work area that is OSHA compliant. All of the components used in the PerfectaStep system are the result of superior engineering, modern manufacturing techniques, and the use of high-quality materials. All of our system components are made in the USA.

Perfectastep’s food-grade endorsement means that our systems are safe for workers, and are easy to sterilize after each production shift. The metal systems are easily cleaned with water and industrial sanitizers. There is no paint or powder-coating to flake or become airborne.

The advantages of a PerfectaStep system include smooth, fast, design and price quotes, superior materials, and instant OSHA compliance. PerfectaStep systems are used all over the world by food processors and manufacturers who need safe, reliable platforms that are easy to install. Call us today, and we can immediately start transforming your unused vertical space into a new work point.

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