Work Platform For Machine Access

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An access platform for maintaining a large machine.

Keeping your site floor clear and neat can be a challenge. Site Managers are designers at heart, and an organized site floor is a source of pride. They want things looking sharp and in control for times when there are visits from inspectors, the C Suite, or contractors. They also put a premium on safety measures that make sense.

It’s time to ditch the shaky ladders and rental scaffolding

If your site has machinery and equipment that needs constant maintenance or switch-outs of replenishable items, it might be time to get organized and ditch the ladders and scaffolding. You can add an OSHA compliant staired work platform. Why not?

The three immediate benefits are…

– An increase in fall control safety measures, with instant OSHA compliance
– Your site floor looks more organized. (because it is)
– No more shaky ladders or rental scaffolding to move and set up.

The ErectaStep system gives site managers the versatility they require to install state of the art robust work platforms. Platforms can be customized to complement any piece of machinery or workspace. The versatile modular components allow the system to reach any height or run any length.

Of Course it’s Easy To Install.

Most work platform systems can be installed in hours by two workers with just a few tools. Disruption to workflow can be held to a minimum. The components bolt together to create a platform that is strong, stable, and comfortable for your workers.

Your Equipment Deserves To Be Surrounded by the Best

Quality engineering and quality manufacturing have resulted in high-quality components for you. Solid metal towers, non-skid stairs and platforms, powder-coated handrails and guardrails, and platforms that have generous amounts of space for your workers and their tools are the way to go!

You Stand On It, ErectaStep stands behind it

We stand behind our installations and components. We have helped install thousands of work platforms with site managers who rely on ErectaStep to be there if they have any questions. We are here if your system needs to be expanded of you need to add another system. Call ErectaStep today and get things rolling. An Erectastep work platform is an enhancement to your site’s busy floor. Call ErectaStep today.

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