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The YellowGate XL barrier gate provides 6 feet of adjustability and protects every passway or control traffic in your facility with JUST ONE SKU.

  • Adjustable – Telescopes from 6′ [1829 mm] -12′ [3658 mm]
  • Controlled Ascent/Descent – Smooth, seamless, motion
  • Electrical Power Assist – Optional feature
  • Aluminum – Maintenance-free, laser precision manufactured

Built to Last – Exterior or Interior

YellowGate XL’s 6 feet of adjustable length and universal mounting system protect every passageway in your facility with just one SKU. Simply count the number of openings you need to protect and place your order – no tracking of measurements or mounting types required. Our field-adjustable YellowGate XL extra-wide safety gate is perfect for all industrial and warehouse applications that need an extra-wide safety gate for traffic control, forklifts, or mezzanine safety.

The gate does not need a receiver on the opposite side to meet load requirements, reducing the number of holes in your floor and minimizing clutter in your facility. Constructed from powder-coated, heavy-duty aluminum, it is durable for both indoor and outdoor use. When implemented in fall protection applications such as mezzanines or loading docks, the YellowGate barrier gate ensures your business complies with OSHA regulations.



YellowGate Product Family Brochure
YellowGate Product Family Brochure
YellowGate’s Product Range – Safety Gate, Barrier Gate, and Handrail Products
YellowGate XL Barrier Gate Sell Sheet
YellowGate XL Barrier Gate Sell Sheet
YellowGate XL barrier gate – Protect large openings or control traffic

Product Manuals and Specifications

YellowGate XL Manual
YellowGate XL Manual
Barrier Gate Product Information
YellowGate XL Manual - Powered
YellowGate XL Manual – Powered
Powered Barrier Gate Product Information