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The Original Universal Self Closing Safety Gate

With YellowGate’s 12-inch adjustability and universal mounting system, you can protect every passway in your facility WITH ONE SKU. No measuring our mounting guesswork, simply count the number of openings and place your order.

Mounts anywhere, no additional parts needed

Adjusts from 24″ to 36″

Manufactured in the USA

Field adjustable, no cutting, welding, or drilling

In Stock, Ready to Ship

OSHA Compliant

World’s Best Selling Safety Gate

Adjustable Swing Direction
and Universal Mounting System

YellowGate products are designed to be versatile, with adjustable swing directions and a universal mounting system that simplifies the installation process. This means you can easily count the number of openings you need to protect without worrying about tracking measurements or mounting types.

Perpendicular Mounting

Parallel Mounting

Universal Mount

Mounts to walls, square stock, angle iron, and round rails or pipes

One Gate Fits All

The slogan “One Gate. Fits All. Stops Falls.” encapsulates the brand’s commitment to providing safety solutions that can be adapted to various needs and settings, emphasizing their focus on preventing falls in industrial areas.



YellowGate Dealer Sell Sheet
YellowGate Dealer Sell Sheet
Editable PDF – Add your company’s logo and contact information
YellowGate Product Family Brochure
YellowGate Product Family Brochure
YellowGate’s Product Range – Safety Gate, Barrier Gate, and Handrail Products
YellowGate Swing Gate Sell Sheet
YellowGate Swing Gate Sell Sheet
YellowGate Industrial Safety Swing Gates

Product Manuals and Specifications

Specification - Safety Gates (05 51 41)
Specification – Safety Gates (05 51 41)
YG CSI 3-Part short 05 51 41 – Safety Gates
YellowGate2.0 Engineering Spec Sheet
YellowGate2.0 Engineering Spec Sheet
YellowGate Installation Manual
YellowGate Installation Manual
Safety Gate Installation Instructions

YellowGate Installation Guide