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Loading Dock Safety Gate install

With 6 feet of adjustability and a universal mounting system, the YellowGate XL can be ordered and installed without measuring our mounting guesswork. Protect every dock passageway with one SKU.

loading dock safety gate systems help prevent accidental falls from dock height

Protect people and forklifts from dock opening and an open ledge. Some gates protect only against personnel, but the sturdy YellowGate offers higher impact ratings for heavier items such as forklifts.

The YellowGate XL loading dock safety gate is also OSHA-compliant to reduce the danger of falls from docks, bays or exposed edges when closed. Because of YellowGate’s adjustability and tension adjust, the YellowGate effortlessly lifts to give access for truck loading and unloading and is also versatile to be used in areas inside a plant, to restrict access to work cells or other fall points.

Although safety is paramount when loading dock operators are working, it’s vital that your loading docks are protected by barrier gates even when not in use. According to OSHA standard 1910.28 all employers are required to provide adequate protection for all employees exposed to fall and falling object hazards. Additionally, the employer must ensure that all fall protection equipment meet the criteria contained in OSHA standard 1910.29.

Fall protection is the number one OSHA violation cited each year and these standards can be enforced whether your loading dock is in use or not. If doors can’t be closed when not in use, be sure your facility has OSHA approved barrier gates and guardrails installed to keep people safe. In order to meet OSHA standards, all loading docks 46” and over require fall protection. Open dock doors must be protected by guardrails or visible barriers and signs must be posted to warn drivers of clearance limits. Edges must be painted to indicate drop-offs. Workplace safety protocols must also include maintaining clean, dry work surfaces and proper storage of materials to prevent crowding and injury. Routine safety training should be conducted regularly to reinforce work habits that keep employees and visitors safe at your facility at all times.

Our ErectaStep YellowGate XL loading dock safety gate is adjustable to fit any opening from 6’ – 12’. Our innovative counterbalanced design makes one-handed operation smooth and easy. Our patented Malbec Tensioner keeps gates from slamming and 90-degree vertical lift ensures adequate clearance for loading and unloading. Made from heavy-gauge steel with a powder coat finish, our YellowGate XL barrier gates are OSHA compliant and hold up to repetitive use indoors or out. Eliminate guesswork with 6 feet of adjustability and a universal mounting system, you can easily protect every passageway in your facility with just one SKU. In stock. Order today.

The safest way to keep things moving on your dock!

The YellowGate XL provides OSHA-compliant fall protection for a wide variety of loading areas.

Designed with patented Malbec tensioner feature, our Yellowgate is counterbalanced to enable easy, one-handed operation. The YellowGate XL Loading Dock Safety Gate operates smoothly, utilizing a slam-proof dampening system with no pinch points to protect users during operation.

The Benefits of YellowGate XL loading dock safety gate

  • Protect Dock Worker – The YellowGate XL Loading Dock Safety Gate keeps your dock running efficiently and team safe while working
  • Flexible Sizing – Adjustable from 6′ to 12′ to fit any opening, whether it’s a standard dock opening or non-standard.
  • Easy Operation – Counterbalanced design makes it easy for one person to operate the gate smoothly with just one hand
  • No Slamming – Our patented Malbec Tensioner assist keeps the gate from closing hard
  • Lifts Out Of The Way – The gate lifts vertically 90 degrees (without pinch points) to ensure plenty of clearance for loading and unloading
  • Built To Last – YellowGate’s quality is built to last – Heavy-gauge steel and a powder coat yellow finish is durable and holds up to repetitive use… exterior or interior
  • Simple Delivery And Installation – In Stock. Order today and install tomorrow… simply bolts to existing floor or concrete

Do loading docks require fall protection?
OSHA Regulations Require that loading docks 46″ or taller require fall protection.

OSHA requirements for loading docks include the following

  • Keep a safe distance from the edge of the loading dock
  • Install guardrails or visible barriers on open dock doors
  • Maintain clean and dry working surfaces
  • Properly store materials and goods to prevent crowding and injury
  • Post clearance signs to warn drivers of clearance limits
  • Paint the edges of the loading dock to emphasize where it drops off

A busy loading dock has many moving pieces regularly in play, and it is no wonder that accidents often occur. Establishing proper workplace safety protocols is a challenge for all facility owners and managers. That’s why it is so vital to develop routine safety training for all employees and make sure to follow all OSHA guidelines to help reduce the number of accidents at your dock.