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Top 3 Reasons to Use Safety Swing Gates in Your Facility

We move YellowGate safety gates by the pallet. This is because they’re easy to install and can be field-fitted with 20″ (508mm) of adjustability. An entire facility can be equipped with only one SKU

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Working at heights can be dangerous, especially in industrial facilities with many stairs, ladders, tall silos, and other structures. That’s why ensuring everything is code-compliant is important to protect worker safety. There are strict regulations regarding guardrails’ height, ladders’ placement, and other safety measures. And, of course, managers must properly train workers to work at heights safely. Following all the code requirements and taking all the necessary precautions can help ensure worker safety is not compromised.

Fall accidents are a reality that establishments must face when working on or around roofs and other industrial structures. One of the most frequent hazards workers face is exposure to unsecured access points, such as ladders and hatches. Safety officers can greatly reduce this risk by securing these access points with a self-closing gate and code-compliant railing.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) explicitly require self-closing gates at an entrance or hole of any ladderway to indicate their benefits to worker safety. OSHA Standard Number 1910.28(b)(3)(iv) states:

1 of 60 YellowGate safety gates installed at an industrial facility in Central Alberta.

Each employee is protected from falling into a ladderway floor hole or ladderway platform hole by a guardrail system and toeboards erected on all exposed sides, except at the entrance to the hole, where a self-closing gate or an offset must be used.

Every business owner or facility manager will eventually need to consider installing safety swing gates. Indeed, safety swing gates are an important part of any facility’s fall protection system and are useful in various applications.

1. Safety Swing Gates Aid Against Unauthorized Access

Safety swing gates can help prevent unauthorized access to your facility. If you have areas of your facility that are off-limits to certain employees or visitors, safety swing gates can help you keep those areas secure. You can help ensure that only authorized personnel can access these areas by installing safety swing gates.

2. Same as Guardrails, Safety Swing Gates Help Prevent Falls

Another reason to use safety swing gates is to help prevent falls. Safety swing gates can help protect employees and visitors from falling off metal ladders if your facility has elevated walkways or mezzanines. By installing safety swing gates at the top of stairwells and other vicinities where there is a potential for falls, you can help create a safer environment for everyone in your facility.

3. OSHA-Compliant and Improves the Aesthetics of Your Facility

In addition to their practical benefits, safety swing gates can also help improve the aesthetics of your facility. Safety swing gates are available in multiple styles and finishes, so you can find ones that match the existing décor of your facility. By installing attractive safety swing gates, you can give your facility a more polished look.

As you can see, there are many reasons to use safety swing gates in your facility. Safety swing gates can help improve the safety and security of your facility, and they can also help improve its appearance. If you’re considering adding safety swing gates to your facility, contact a reputable manufacturer or supplier who can provide high-quality products that meet your specific needs and requirements.

At YellowGate, we pride ourselves on manufacturing swing gates that are not only easy to install but also versatile and durable. Our swing gates come with a stainless steel mounting and hardware kit, as well as a tension adjustment tool, making installation fast and easy. Additionally, our mounting system allows for 20 inches of additional adjustment. You can install our swing gates on walls, square and round tubing, and angle iron in parallel and perpendicular mounting positions. Whether you’re looking for a swing gate for your home or business, we at YellowGate have you covered.