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Why is creating customized fall protection so difficult… and expensive?

If I had a dime for every time a maintenance supervisor asked me this, I’d be rich. The truth is, customized fall protection is not difficult, at least not with an ErectaStep system. And it’s not expensive. My customers can get a customized work platform without the hassle or expense of a custom crossover platform stair system from a fabrication shop.

ErectaStep – put the “custom” in customer

We started out with five modular pieces that let you configure an infinite number of fall protection and worker access systems. For some applications, customers told us that ErectaStep works well but it would work even even better if they were able to tweak the configurations. Now any configuration can be customized. And the good news is you can obtain your customized fall protection quickly and easily.

A key advantage of ErectaStep is that it lets you optimize your facility for both safety and productivity throughout the entire process from initial configuration to installation to use. We maintained the speed and ease with which you can configure a standard ErectaStep and its bolt-together installation simplicity.

In one example, a tank farm needed access to pipes for inspection. A conventional ErectaStep enabled safe access, though not as efficient. Installing a straight platform around curved pipes left a gap. Although the safety rails would provide fall protection, access to the pipes was somewhat obstructed. As a result, it would add more time to the process instead of making it more efficient.

Using ErectaStep, we customized the work platform by laser cutting an opening to fit snugly around the pipe. Now workers get the fall protection required and the efficiency they need. It took less than two weeks to build and in a brief period more than paid for itself.

Here’s what another customer said about customizing a fall protection system:

ErectaStep made obtaining a custom design fairly painless. It was a good solution for a difficult problem. Customization always seems to be an expensive solution, but not with ErectaStep. The custom products were reasonable. Engineering was responsive to the custom requirements. It appears they thought about the total cost options. Additional technical assistance helped keep the cost of the purchase down. Lightweight components and bolt-together assembly made it easy to install and aluminum construction will minimize maintenance. It even came with the tools needed for assembly.

It really is painless and cost-effective. Give us a call (888) 878-1839 and see for yourself how easy it is to obtain a customized OSHA-compliant fall protection system.