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NEW – Introducing the Next Generation of Safety Gates

Lightning-Fast Safety with the Latest YellowGate

Introducing the next-generation YellowGate, setting a new standard in industrial safety with unmatched installation speed. Designed to make safety effortless, YellowGate is pre-assembled so it installs in seconds with no special tools required, securing your facility in just three simple steps.

The standard industrial YellowGate safety gates cover openings between 24” and 36” and can be adjusted in the field with nothing more than a wrench. Simply measure the opening, slide the gate to the desired width, tighten the adjustment bolts, and you’re done. This flexibility allows you to save time and money while maintaining the highest safety standards for your facility.

Manufactured in the USA from heavy-gauge aluminum, YellowGate is built to last and complies with OSHA regulations. The pre-assembled design eliminates the need for field cutting, drilling, or special tools, making installation as quick and effortless as possible. Additionally, YellowGate is in stock and ready to ship, ensuring your facility’s safety without delay.

YellowGate is not just a safety gate; it’s a comprehensive efficiency solution designed to meet your facility’s demands. With its swift installation, extensive adjustability, and dedication to quality and sustainability, YellowGate is the premier choice for securing industrial passageways efficiently and effectively.

Upgrade to YellowGate and prioritize safety and efficiency at your facility today!